Baby for a Day

Mr. D. Runyon Smythe provides us with this charming reminiscence of the New York Literary Scene in 1957, a golden period when Anyone Who Was Anyone really wished it were 1932. Take it away, D. Runyon! So I am sitting in my favorite booth at Mindy’s, eating rhubarb cobbler, which Mindy’s is very famous for, […] Read More

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Anchors Aweigh!

Mrs. T. B. of Newburyport, Mass., writes: When I was a little girl staying with my grandparents, they told me we were going to visit old Captain Bottomley, who was a sailor. I had just seen Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra in Anchors Aweigh! so I had a very firm idea of what a sailor looked like. […] Read More

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Sans-culottes in Sevenoaks

jeffrey bernard

This is an old story I got from Jeffrey Bernard. It appeared in his Low Life column in The Spectator a few years before he finally croaked. I understand he told different versions of it over the years. The setup is that there is a young man who is the son of an affluent bookie in Piccadilly, […] Read More

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Protected: Robert M. Sieger and Jonathan Yip

copied 2014-11-06 01:40:17 Sallie Parker’s ‘Talk’ page on Wikipedia was scrubbed but not before some of her enemies, presumably colleagues of Sieger, made certain mischievous alterations to the content and posted in a Wiki archive page. For example, in the first paragraph misspellings were introduced, some of them highly unlikely (falsly for falsely) Sieger & […] Read More

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The Manhasset Babysitter

A (male) friend writes, “Did I ever tell you about that time I babysat for a three-year-old girl? Well if I did, it was much worse than I ever admitted until now. I was sixteen, and a junior at Choate. It was Easter vacation and I was home in Manhasset. My parents went off to a […] Read More

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